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"We have emerged from one of the worst financial crises in modern history with our best years ever," stated Mark D. Mordell, CEO, AvidBank, "During this time we have grown stronger, and we have gained a better understanding of ourselves, our clients and the markets we serve. We believe that our new name clearly represents who we are and where we are headed."

::CRONAN:: worked with the leadership and across all levels of this dynamic group of avid bankers and their community to achieve one of their strategic goals - creating a name and brand personality for the bank that clearly describes, and distinguishes them, and builds their brand culture. They are what we want all bankers to be – dedicated, innovative and passionate about excellent service.

Amazon Kindle Photo


A name to ignite an expansive idea –

"This is the most important thing we've ever done," says Jeff Bezos. "It's so ambitious to take something as highly evolved as the book and improve on it. And maybe even change the way people read... the vision is that you should be able to get any book – not just any book in print, but any book that's ever been in print – on this device in less than a minute."

What to name this game-changing vision so that it feels like something you want to "curl up" with? : : CRONAN : : gave it a warm name full of potential – one that invites you to start something: "Amazon Kindle".

"...to read is to light a fire..." Victor Hugo

Kindle sold out in the first five and 1/2 hours after it launched. Demand remains high.

Get on it, order yours.

Kno Photo


From the Kno.com website: “While no one was looking, someone revolutionized the textbook, higher education, and learning itself in one crazy, bold move.

Yes, it’s a digital textbook. Yes, it’s a whole new ecosystem. Two spacious panels. Touch-screen interaction. A fully-stocked store. Video. Note-taking. Sharing and community. Kno is everything a textbook was. And will be.”

The answer to every question will soon be Kno.

Kno Photo

Kno is a simple but crazy-big idea that will create a new environment for learning. Students and Parents are going to love Kno.

TiVo Mascot


Named it, created character, gave it legs...

Something really new needs to be, at first, a little familiar for consumers to recognize or understand it. And essential questions reveal deeper understanding and surprising answers. How would this new service change the television experience? Is this a revolution or an evolution? What do you call the evolution of television? : : CRONAN : : named it TiVo.

TiVo Logo - TV Your Way

We gave it personality. A smile, a wink and — oh yes, a character — with antenna and legs. Thumbs up, thumbs down... and — ba-doop! ba-doop! — it started the TiVolution. TiVo, TV your way.

As you can see, laughter is very important to the creative process.


Verb:Goodbelly Logo

The brand promise wrapped in the name –

Steve Demos, the heart and brains behind Silk soy milk, is creating a new category in nutrition – "not those nasty vitamin pills and supplements". The first product, a probiotic fruit drink with fifteen years of research in Sweden as credentials, needed a name, identity and packaging to deliver scientific health benefits and points of differentiation to both retailers and consumers and to project joy, fun and positive results. : : CRONAN : : created elements as fresh as the product itself. "Drink Me".

Try GoodBelly, it does what it promises and you will love it.

>Go to GoodBelly.com

Verb:GoodBelly Box Design



We hold the unofficial record for the world's fastest logo.

: : CRONAN : : created the logo, store identity, in-store displays, branding and branded products for the new SFMOMA building designed by architect Mario Botta.

In our very first meeting, when asked what he thought the logo would look like, Michael pointed to the new museum's defining point, a large circular oculus which stood out plainly in a large elevation drawing on the wall.

The logo is an instantly recognizable souvenir of the brand.


FORA TV logo FORA TV Website

"FORA.tv is for ideas what ESPN is to sports."
– The Wall Street Journal

"The YouTube for thinkers" – CNET news

FORA.tv is one of the most thought-provoking sites on the internet. Visionary founder CEO Brian Gruber conceived of lectures and debates from all over the world on politics, public policy, history, and culture served up in broadband video, "We want to create a global community for intellectually curious people."

: : CRONAN : : created the identity, brand and design strategy to make FORA.tv, look and feel like a global media company. The world IS thinking.

>Go to FORA.tv


PortCard Screen Shot PortCard Logo

Portcard.net is a social networking registry designed to protect against predators who hide behind the total anonymity of the Internet. A scary problem with an elegant solution: members "card" potential online friends – is that potential "friend" authenticated? or are you at risk? Portcard.net is fully integrated with Facebook, on the developer list for MySpace and partnered nationally with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. The management team includes a strong advisory board with Internet security specialists and current and former law enforcement officials. : : CRONAN : : created a look and feel to appeal to everyone except, of course, the predators.

>Go to PORTCARD.net


Affinity Circles Trusted Social Networks Logo

Affinity Engines Inc. had a mechanical name, an asterisk logo and a successful product named InCircle. Neither name nor the asterisk logo conveyed the goal of the company – creating community for organizations.

Listening deeply to the CEO, CMO, engineers and sales force – ::CRONAN:: combined the name elements to identify their purpose and create something aspirational – networked inclusion. And we elevated the asterisk to a starring role as their logo – many touch points forming one connected circle.

Affinity Circles' growing social networking platform builds and maintains connections in a dynamic, trusted online community for Fortune 100 companies, alumni and professional associations, and major sports teams.

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Santa Lucia Preserve Logo
Santa Lucia Preserve Book

A short distance inland from Carmel by the Sea, in a rare expanse of natural beauty, 20,000 acres of pristine coastal foothills in the Santa Lucia Mountains is home to a rich diversity of plants, wildlife and 300 fortunate families with an intimate sense of community.

: : CRONAN : : has had the honor of years of working with the team to create the identity of the preserve and the culture of the marketing, materials and brand experience. In this symbolic logo, the initials of the name combine to incorporate the identity in one gesture.

>Go to SantaLuciaPreserve.com


Healthy Child Healthy World Logo

"The name is simple, and elegant. Besides the compliments from past folks, new people just get it – which is perfect! Thanks again." – CTG

Exposure to toxins is greatly magnified in the bodies of infants and children. Colette Chuda died of a rare cancer linked to pesticides. Her parents founded Children's Health Environmental Coalition to advocate for legislation and to help others avoid the same loss.

Known as "CHEC", they had received attention from their accomplishments, but experienced years of wind-drag with a name and logo that wasn't memorable or meaningful. An innovative philanthropist commissioned : : CRONAN : : to help. We created a new portrait of Colette, a name to describe the goal, and a tag line that echoes the CHEC acronym with a sharper focus.

>Go to HealthyChild.org


Floodgate Logo

A name to provoke a new way of thinking

Mike Maples was recently named as one of "8 Rising VC Stars" by Fortune Magazine for his investments in business and consumer technology companies. Partner Ann Miura-ko, named by Forbes as the most powerful woman in startups, says “We’ve developed a new approach to investing in world-changing ideas, which we call the Super Angel Approach. Looking at the world through the eyes of the entrepreneur, we’ve filled a widening gap between Angel investors and venture capital firms. But we help companies with more than just fundraising: we help them discover, refine, evolve, and master the core elements of their businesses so they will be in the best possible position to one day “open the floodgates” to market disruption and dominance.”

Floodgate Logo

The firm’s new name and site says it all. “FLOODGATE helps today's most ambitious entrepreneurs develop tomorrow's great business success stories…”

>Go to FLOODGATE.com


Perfect Fitness logo and images

Former Navy SEAL Alden Mills had just taken his company thru a branding exercise – but no one was happy with the results and they did not know why.

: : CRONAN : : listened to their situation and found that they had acquired all the components of a brand, but the result did not represent the true message of their company.

By editing the ideas and showing the team what lifestyle changing potential they had, we simplified, intensified and strengthened their brand and created their new identity.

An example of less is more – Perfect.

>Visit the Perfect. website built by the Perfect design team.


Team-up for Youth logo pointing at Coaching Corps logo
CoachingCorps.org screenshot

A symbol to identify a national movement.

A very successful program to turn college kids into coaches for after-school sports programs targeted to young people living in poverty and in communities of color has entered the expansion phase.

: : CRONAN : : had the privilege of working with an enlightened board and staff, and a creative team including FENTON Communications and Tomorrow Partners. We created the visual identity and helped clear the conceptual pathway for the name of the successful program to become the organization’s name.

>Visit coaching-corps.org designed by Tomorrow Partners

cookforyourlife.com screenshot


When clients come to the studio and cook!

Ann Ogden Gaffney, a two time cancer survivor, had a rather big yet simple idea. Teach patients and their families to cook meals that taste good and are nutritious. Cancer treatments make appetites and nutrition challenging issues. The response to her classes in New York City and the positive outcomes that have accompanied her CFYL program are so strong that health organizations are studying her approach.

We were asked by a smart philanthropist investor (our longtime client) to strategically look at, upgrade and expand the essence of CFYL’s brand to give the organization tools to expand their footprint and take them to the next level.

They came to our studio and helped prepare a rather splendid lunch, initiating a great partnership to create a strong identity, look, feel and design direction. The collaboration could be only described as delicious.

> Visit the new CFYL website designed by Blue Fountain Media


Actian screen

A legacy business had new leadership, new technology and needed a new name to hail the change.

One of the most potent technologies in the Business Intelligence space, the brand new Actian enables companies to look at what is happening in real time, and deploy action that responds to what’s up ahead.

The big thinkers at Play Bigger brought us in to rename the original company. The whole brilliant leadership team collaborated to choose the new name and launch their new technology in record time.

>Visit Actian.com designed by 1185design


Marble Logo

When a founder has built an amazing security business, brought in a new CEO and sold the business name to clear the way for the next growth phase, where do you find a new name?

: : CRONAN : : had two months and a great team to make it happen.

From the initial Intensive through rounds of research, name and identity development, we worked our asses off, laughed and explored multiple avenues, then landed on a concept that both rocked, and rolled.

Marble Logo


"If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?"

Disney creative and Dreamworks marketing teams brought in : : CRONAN : : to create the positioning and strategy for "Lincoln"-the-movie.

In meetings over food, we generated reams of concepts and got the "aha" going. The inspiration was Lincoln-the-man. Of interest to all walks of life, insightful, legendary, and yet someone you could have a beer with…

We found that Lincoln's words echo in today's world:
"Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?"
"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

Inspired by both street art and high art that spread "legacy through language", the team created an iconic identity with Lincoln's familiar profile, and an intriguing basis for viral social networking, technology and public platforms.

Lincoln Poster

Lincoln Posters

Photo by: CBS Outdoor


Reverb works a little bit like how you think

Founder Erin McKean on how they went from Wordnik, Inc., to Reverb, "As we grew and took on new challenges, it became harder to explain to potential partners and customers why 'a big dictionary company' was making things and releasing cool open-source frameworks."

“Y’all did too good a job making ‘Wordnik’ mean ‘dictionary’ for people," said Mike Maples.

"The process CRONAN took us through to get to the name Reverb is hard to describe. 'Brainstorming' is too weak a word, and implies flashes of lightning-insight and immediate recognition; what we did instead was much harder, and far more valuable."

Reverb Info


Technology Transforms the World & Women Transform Technology

The Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology was growing by leaps and bounds and needed an updated
identity to express their brand personality.

The goal – “Simplification and articulation of our brand and identity to resonate with our community and beyond.”

How to get from where you are to where you want to be
equals finding well-ordered simplicity in complexity.

We helped set ABI’s course for Radical Visibility with this philosophy: “As new technology transforms the world,
women transform technology. Innovative companies must attract and retain the best technical minds to grow and succeed. ABI works to connect, inspire and guide both
women in computing and organizations for which technology innovation is a core imperative.”

We had lots of fun on this project, with some damn smart technical women. ABI is now growing even faster and has partnered with Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In”. You go girl!



PLAiR is a delight

"Someone has this hilarious video that you just have to see. There’s no great way to watch it, so you awkwardly crowd around a computer, neck strained. Or you’re sharing a four-inch screen on someone's phone...you know what I mean."

Introducing PLAiR, with PLAiR you can see your photos and videos instantly on the big screen. Make a play date with your TV.

how PLAIR was born
hand holding cell phone

PLAiR's mission is to enable anyone to watch anything, anywhere, anytime. The company fundamentally changes the way people consume and experience content, with the potential to change how search and discovery of content occurs.

: : CRONAN : : worked with the founders to express that vision in their identity and first product designed by New Deal Design.

The experience is the brand

>Visit plair.com and order yours!

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