: : CRONAN : :

A creative strategic identity consultancy. We work with change-makers looking for innovative answers. Deeply experienced in naming, branding and design thinking, with results including TiVo and AmazonKindle. 


: : CRONAN : : is a strategic identity consultancy.

We capture imagination, create epiphanies and bring clarity – for extraordinary results. 

We work with change-makers looking for innovative answers. 

Let's capture your vision of the future and make it your present. 

Our services are effective at strategic engagement points in the life of an organization.

Our clients are creating change. They are innovators – founders, leaders, chief-level executives and creative teams from startups to established organizations and companies.

They are creating new products or making strategic shifts and want to establish, update or improve their identity strategy. Successful identity assets create a substantial competitive edge, longterm value and resonance.

Everything we create serves to achieve strategic goals.

We help businesses define, refine and project who they are, and move forward to capture what they want to become.