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A creative strategic identity consultancy. We work with change-makers looking for innovative answers. Deeply experienced in naming, branding and design thinking, with results including TiVo and AmazonKindle. 

Client Voices

We have had the pleasure of creating names, strategy and identities for many game- changing companies and organizations and the business leaders who founded them. Here is a selection of what our clients have to say about : : CRONAN : :

Floodgate - naming and branding

"You guys are awesome to work with - you are the Thunder Lizard of design firms!"

- Mike Maples Jr., Partner, Floodgate

Read Mike's definition of Thunder Lizard

Reverb works a little bit like how you think.

"As we grew and took on new challenges, it became harder to explain our business to potential partners and customers. The process : : CRONAN : : took us through to get to the name Reverb is hard to describe. 'Brainstorming' is too weak a word, and implies flashes of lightning - insight and immediate recognition; what we did instead was much harder, and far more valuable."

- Founder Erin McKean on how they went from Wordnik, Inc., to Reverb

Avidbank - naming and branding

"I was skeptical at first but : : CRONAN : : had a larger impact on our direction and focus than I ever would have thought. The clarity we derived from the process was invaluable. I value the end product we received as well as their ongoing counsel and friendship."

-Mark D. Mordell, Chairman & CEO, Avidbank

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Coaching Corps - naming and branding

"We thought we just needed a new logo for a program.

But : : CRONAN : : saw that we needed much more - and gave it to us in spades.

They "coached" us to understand, articulate, and brand the powerful and urgent essence of Coaching Corps. They knew how to start from where we were and gently lead both Trustees and staff to much higher ground, and to the realization that we wanted to change the entire organization's name to Coaching Corps.

Thanks to : : CRONAN : :, our vision and impact is dramatically clearer and bolder......and yes we have a wonderful new logo and organizational name that captures our spirit and the change we want to make in the world. Through this inspiring and creative journey, our Trustees and staff fell in love with them.....all the while having fun......with a noble purpose."

- Janet Carter, Executive Director, Coaching Corps

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FORA.tv - branding, corporate identity & design strategy

"When I started up my own company, there was no doubt who I hoped to commission to construct my brand, from design to strategic positioning.

I’ve worked with : : CRONAN : : on a number of occasions.

They are more than just world-class strategic design, and creative service providers.

They have stood with us every step of the way through our most pressing business and design challenges. They gave us a brand that makes us look much bigger, stronger and smarter. When we consider big steps to take or need help crafting a bigger vision, we turn to them and are never disappointed."

- Brian Gruber, Founder, FORA.tv

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GoodBelly - naming, branding, design strategy, logo design, product packaging

“: : CRONAN : : is amazing - thorough, systematic in their design strategy, naming and branding process and 100% fun to work with. It's never a question of thinking outside the box: they never knew there was one. Have fun with these guys. They are VERY good!"

- Steve Demos, Co-founder and Chairman, NextFoods Inc., Creator of Silk soymilk

Healthy Child Healthy World - renaming & rebranding

"Out of all the folks we work with, there is no one better than : : CRONAN : :. Insights abound, projects are ignited, and goals are surpassed - : : CRONAN : : has the experience, strategy, and perspective to exceed any expectations with impact and effectiveness. Our new brand is phenomenally successful thanks to them."

- Christopher Gavigan, CEO / Executive Director, Healthy Child Healthy World

TiVo - naming and brand language, corporate identity

“Creating a compelling name and visual identity for a completely new consumer product and service is a difficult assignment. Working with : : CRONAN : : to name and create the identity for TiVo was the right choice, their ability to find the best solution and to do so with speed, clarity and vision is incomparable.”

- Michael Ramsay, Co-founder, former Chairman and CEO, TiVo Inc.

Talking TiVo

International Development Enterprises (IDE) - design strategy and brand positioning

"In 2005, I met four people who changed forever my thinking about design. I met Karin Hibma and Michael Cronan of : : CRONAN : :, Ann Willoughby from Willoughby Design Group, and Cheryl Heller of Heller Communications at the Aspen Design Leadership Summit. We went from conference calls to a three-day brainstorming session in Nova Scotia, and the brainstorming has never stopped. It helped create, along with Barbara Bloemink, the Smithsonian's Cooper Hewitt exhibit "Design for the Other 90%," and helped me drill down to the essence of what I and IDE have learned over the past 25 years, much of which is distilled in the pages of my book 'Out of Poverty'."

- Paul Polak, author; Founder, International Development Enterprises (IDE) and D-Rev


On collaboration with other creative agencies

": : CRONAN : : is a great partner to have.

One of the primary qualities the : : CRONAN : : team brings to the table, vs. other strategic design, and especially naming firms, is their ability to bridge the gap between business and creativity, allowing everyone on the team to efficiently move to success.

They develop and create spot-on brand identity and strategy AND they can create brilliant design positioning to extend into first-class marketing and communication materials - look at the awesome, beautiful, compelling creative work represented in their portfolio... And, best of all, they stick with it and won't quit until the client is happy.”

- Philip Durbrow, Chairman & CEO, Marshall Strategy

"It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Karin Hibma, the founding partner at : : CRONAN : :. She is responsible for saving many amazing clients from mediocre naming conventions while helping them find their true identities. Among other things, she is a wealth of knowledge on naming/branding and what makes it work. I’m sure you’re heard me quote her more than a few times."

- Nick Cronan, Founder & Creative Director, Branch

 "I am very pleased to introduce you to Karin Hibma of : : CRONAN : :. She is a phenomenal strategist, brand identity guru, and storyteller.  She does transformative work for clients from start ups to Fortune 500 companies. She is an exceptional and empathetic listener (it's sort of her super power).  Among other awards she has been named one of the Most Creative People in Business twice. As I listened to you articulate the brand challenges you're facing, Karin immediately came to mind."

- Analisa Goodin, Founder & CEO, Catch&Release