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A creative strategic identity consultancy. We work with change-makers looking for innovative answers. Deeply experienced in naming, branding and design thinking, with results including TiVo and AmazonKindle. 

Mapping where you are - getting to where you want to be

Why are we effective?

We are curious. We care. We are generalists who specialize. We are creative minds who delve into design thinking and process, with you. We are persistent because our clients need us to be so. If you are good, you don't become great casually. 

With decades in business, we have the insights, experiences, and perspectives on a lineage of successful products and companies to share. We are personally and deeply committed to the lasting success of our clients. 

That translates into excellence, adaptability, and longevity for the results we help create.


We understand that great answers come from great questions.

Creating world-class assets comes from finding well-ordered simplicity in complexity and the big idea in every project. Framing up the right questions to answer is key. Looking around the edges of the issues – essential. Challenging any and all assumptions – crucial. 

Listening, observing, cognition, strategic design thinking, rapid prototyping – we use all our resources to create the right outcomes for your unique assets.


We understand that the experience IS the identity.

The best theme park rides begin before you get into line and last long after you leave the park.

It's the same with great identity assets. The identity and strategy design set the mood and tone for what the experience delivers. When the story is right, customers identify with it - get into it and use it. People use those assets to remember, share, and communicate that experience to others. The experience tells the story.

We advise our clients on an ongoing basis. New opportunities need to translate into greater and greater asset value. Making the most of your identity takes focus and experience. 

We are here to strategize and craft your identity’s development. Every time your identity equity increases, your competition has to work that much harder.


We don't paint by numbers. Success is custom-made.

Our experience has allowed us to develop many paths for finding the best solutions. 

Each great vision needs a unique pathway. Each project has its own requirements. Every industry has its own customs, opportunities, and rules to break. Valuable solutions are not found with an off-the-shelf process. 

When we accept an assignment, we establish the creative methodology that will be of most use for our client's opportunity.


Important tasks become easier when you work with friends.

At the end of the day, it is important for you to know that your team has your back. Performance and authenticity are what it’s all about. Passion for excellence includes compassion for those who you are working with, including those who own the P&L. 

Once we accept an assignment, it becomes our business to make you and your vision successful.