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A creative strategic identity consultancy. We work with change-makers looking for innovative answers. Deeply experienced in naming, branding and design thinking, with results including TiVo and AmazonKindle. 

Getting Started

Intensives = a meeting of the minds

Getting to know you... 

When : : CRONAN : : starts a project we often begin with a one or two day offsite. 

We invite the key stakeholders and decision-makers to what we call an “intensive”. It’s a time to quickly get the big picture, build the team. Trace out the edges of the box and to begin to think outside it. This isn't a brainstorm, we're not looking for the answers. We're looking for the right questions to ask. The right questions enable bigger and better answers to be created.

At an Intensive the only rule is that there are no rules. Everything and anything is on the table. In fact, we prefer to have it all on the table. Having said that, we don't engage in navel-gazing or trying to decide what type of car your project would be. 

We ask for background materials in advance. We ask that all invited think about the big issues before we meet so that we all come prepared. We plan and create a structure for looking at the issues and building the context for advancing the vision.

We look at the materials together, we draw on big sheets of paper, we diagram the "ecosystem" of the project and its success. Everyone gets on the same page. We take breaks for mental health. We eat well, take walks, challenge our own and your assumptions. And we get to the bottom of the core issues.

It’s a great way to launch a project, and establish deep relationships with the information and each other. 

We also create Intensives to bring others into the identity and strategy design, ensuring the successful launch of the project. 

And we create Intensives to review and learn from the work, ensuring it translates into greater and greater asset value.

Focus Sessions

When issues come up with a company's vision, gaining focus speeds everyone along their path.

There are thousands of issues that all need relatively small but deft solutions to contribute strength and longevity to the big picture. These kinds of issues are beyond what a company does everyday and there is usually a bit of trepidation as to the right moves and how they should be made. Dithering over these small but potentially valuable issues can waste your best people's thinking cycles and generate inactivity and uncertainty. These issues, when handled by insightful guides, can be brought into clear focus. 

: : CRONAN : : has established a service that we call Focus Sessions. 

Just like the automatic focus on your camera makes instantaneous adjustments to the depth of field in your view-finder, these sessions are intended to be short, precise, and almost automatic. 

Many of our sessions are just a good way to air issues and get clarity. Others have a specific focus, which may lead to bigger insights. 

Our Focus Sessions are simply organized. We may ask for background materials in advance. Key decision-makers and owners of the information are in the room. We listen deeply to the issue(s), ask questions and follow up idea threads. By the end of the meeting, if the direction is not crystal-clear, a clear course of action is established to get to the right answer quickly and efficiently.

Rome wasn't built at an offsite but somebody did map out a plan and did start to get things in focus.

Let's get started!