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A creative strategic identity consultancy. We work with change-makers looking for innovative answers. Deeply experienced in naming, branding and design thinking, with results including TiVo and AmazonKindle. 

The Show and Tell exhibit & Conversation Series

The “Show and Tell” exhibit and intimate conversation series honors the Bay Area’s prestigious AIGA Medalists, the national AIGA’s 100 Years of Design Centennial and the AIGA SF chapter. AIGA Fellow Karin Hibma Cronan curated and hosts.


When honoring the SF Bay Area’s prestigious AIGA Centennial Medalists Michael Cronan, Richard Danne, Michael Mabry and Bill Moggridge, as legendary design leaders - It’s about more than just the award-winning work.

It’s about the whole designer – how they changed the face of design, the early innovations, strokes of genius, and their ongoing relationships with each other and the community.

These past years are witness to transformations in every aspect of design. Show and Tell dives into the legacy of design to understand how we got here, and where we will be launched next. We celebrate the visionaries and the design leaders who continue to transform design and business as we enter our next one hundred years.

Explore the events!

  • "Rise of the DEO" by Maria Guidice : : Insight on empathy, complexity and tomorrow's leadership
  • "Pencil Paper Scissors" : : AIGA Medalist Michael Mabry generously shares his bag of tricks
  • "What Were We Thinking?" by Amy Gustincic : : The rockstar beginnings of the SF AIGA chapter
  • "Knowing Bill Moggridge" by Karin Moggridge and Mike Nuttall : : A conversation on the origin of interaction design, founding of IDEO, and brilliant design of AIGA Medalist Bill Moggridge
  • "The Late, Great Michael Cronan" by Ann Willoughby : : Sharing stories and good laughs inspired by AIGA Medalist Michael Cronan
  • "Metamorphosis" : : AIGA Medalist Richard Danne illuminates the very beginning of AIGA, and his lifetime at the height of NY design industry

Exhibition and Conversation Series curated and produced by Karin Hibma and : : CRONAN : :. Hosted by AIGA SF.