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The Show and Tell Conversation Series

The “Show and Tell” exhibit and intimate conversation series honors the Bay Area’s prestigious AIGA Medalists, the national AIGA’s 100 Years of Design Centennial and the AIGA SF chapter. AIGA Fellow Karin Hibma Cronan curated and hosts.

Ann Willoughby : : "The Late, Great Michael Cronan"

“This is Ann…”

On a conference call, Ann Willoughby would politely interject and then go on to make a point. We were tickled, that lovely Mississippi accent certainly wasn’t any one else of us in the group.

The best part of the design community is meeting and working hard with so many talented designers, whether on a project, at a conference, or judging a show.

Ann is a 2014 Centennial Medalist and the co-chair of the AIGA’s Centennial program. She has been a design-life-long friend and advocate of Michael Cronan, one of our Bay Area 2014 Centennial Medalists.

Join in as Ann and friends tell stories about Michael, a life in design, and the studio of the future.

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This video was recorded the evening of Monday, April 7, 2014 at the Center for Architecture and Design in San Francisco, California, USA. Ann Willoughby is an AIGA Centennial Medalist.