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The Show and Tell Conversation Series

The “Show and Tell” exhibit and intimate conversation series honors the Bay Area’s prestigious AIGA Medalists, the national AIGA’s 100 Years of Design Centennial and the AIGA SF chapter. AIGA Fellow Karin Hibma Cronan curated and hosts.

Amy Gustincic : : "What Were We Thinking?"

How did they do it?

The AIGA SF chapter was created 27+ years ago by a passionate design community with “No funds, no history and only a few stars."

"Blood, sweat and tears made it all happen," explains Amy Gustincic.

"The second national AIGA conference in San Francisco made it clear the center of design had moved west. I didn't know what I was doing but I sure loved the design community."

As past president of AIGA SF and current advisor to the Board of Directors, Amy’s had a front seat in watching the chapter grow and evolve over the years.

“It’s been truly incredible to see just how many people have left their mark”, how many became stars and are still actively involved in the community, and how openly they embrace new folks and the constant evolution of design. “It’s people who make the difference. And we all know how to have fun along the way."

Join in the conversation about what’s next.

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This video was recorded the evening of Monday, March 24, 2014 at the Center for Architecture and Design in San Francisco, California, USA. Amy Gustincic is a former AIGA SF President.