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If a fellow named Hill calls and invites you to Texas, go.

Graphis, New Talent Annual '07/'08

The Creative Summit at Texas State University in San Marcos: An Ecosystem - By Michael Cronan

Imagine a stage filled with world-class creative people like Kit Hinrichs, Anita Kuntz, Gene Hoffman, Dana Arnett, B. Martin Pedersen, Jennifer Morla, Lana Rigsby, McRay Magleby, C.F.Payne, Stefan Sagmeister, Greg and Pat Samata, Forrest and Valerie Richardson, Michael Vanderbyl, Francois Robert, and Jack Unruh. They are all applauding and looking out to the audience with big smiles. Shyly a nineteen-year-old student stands up and makes her way to the stage to accept an award and cash prize for her package design, which is projected twenty feet high above everyone's head. It is a moment that that young lady will not soon forget.

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