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A creative strategic identity consultancy. We work with change-makers looking for innovative answers. Deeply experienced in naming, branding and design thinking, with results including TiVo and AmazonKindle. 

Disruption and Immersion : Sometimes the best ideas happen when we don't try so hard

Fast Company, October, 2014

"...The house is so far above the town of Berkeley that I feel like I'm in another world: The air is crisper, deer walk gently among the pines, the boats in the San Francisco Bay below are mere specks in the blue expanse... every inch of this space has been carefully designed to radically change clients' relationship with the world around them, at least for a brief time. 'It all seems a bit literal, but part of why I love having clients up here is that they immediately have a different perspective of the world,' Hibma says. 'The cars and the offices look so minuscule below, suddenly yesterday's problems seem inconsequential.' "

Elizabeth Segran writes for Fast Company about the intersection of culture, creativity and innovation. She spent a day in the studio with us and then wrote this article about our conversations: "... I know how hard it is for people to get into the zone to generate ideas. Legendary creative genius Karin Hibma Cronan believes you can manufacture creativity. Here's how."

Yes, You Can Manufacture Creativity

While it's not the first definition that comes to mind when we modern folks hear the word "manufacture"*, its origins are from describing humans as "makers". Distinguished by our hands - "manus" - "manmade" means "made by hand" - a lovely description for the : : CRONAN : : approach to naming, identity and brand strategy.

(*we like saying it with an animated hand gesture, in Italian: "manifaturra")