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"Show and Tell"

February 25, 2014 to April 15, 2014

Show and Tell by May Suen

In honor of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) 100 Years of Design Centennial, Karin Hibma and : : CRONAN : : curated an up-close and personal look at legendary designers early work, work process, and work on exhibit, along with a series of small conversational event gatherings with design leaders in the Center for Architecture + Design Gallery in San Francisco.

"We celebrate them all -- from the original visionaries who first convened in 1914 to support and inspire each other -- to todayʼs Bay Area leaders whoʼve transformed both design and the design business.

As these past years have been witness to transformations in every aspect of our lives, we expect no less from the vibrant community of today as we go into the future one hundred years."

Photo by May Suen

Photo by May Suen

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March 24 "What Were We Thinking?" with Amy Gustincic
March 31 "Knowing Bill Moggridge" with Karin Moggridge + Mike Nuttall
April 7 "The Late, Great Michael Cronan" with Ann Willoughby
April 14 Closing Reception with Richard Danne + AIGA SF Medalists
"Show and Tell" Curator Karin Hibma talks about the exhibit