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TiVo's B-Day

"Jeepers, creepers, where'd you get those... antenna! TiVo got its identity (both the name and its perfectly cute face) in 1997 from the big brains behind : : CRONAN : :. Because TiVo was a first-of-its-kind product and service, and about to forever change the way people viewed television, Michael Cronan asked, What would we name the world's next TV?"

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An interview with Michael Cronan about creating TiVo

Matt Haughey, PVRblog: "Take us back to the very beginning of the project. Before TiVo had a name or mascot, how was the project described to you when you began?"

Read the interview with Michael Cronan about the origins of the name and the mascot


TiVo name and corporate identity development

"The question was, how could they let consumers know that, although this was a television-related product, it was as unlike regular TV as radio is to the internet."

logolounge.com article